Brigid + Matt {Sea Isle City, NJ}

We had been trying to schedule an awesome beach day for our engagement sesh with Brigid and Matt for a few weeks but the rain decided it really wanted to be a part of the action.  We finally agreed last Saturday would be the day and lo and behold, when we got there, the weather channel's previously sunny day had decided to rain instead. To be honest, we love to shoot in the rain. The sky gives the perfect overcast. It is so natural and relaxed and makes for such perfect photos. The only challenge is making sure the equipment stays safe and we had that covered.

These two were such troopers, they were not at all fazed by the drizzle and they invited us into their special (as we like to call them) moments between moments. Those moments where you can see the love they have for each other clear as day, you can actually see the connection and capture some of their magic through the lens. Honestly, "magic" is the best word for it,  and a big part of the reason we decided to sta…